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If you need a skilled and experienced plumbing contractor during normal working hours, after hours, or on the weekend who is prepared to handle your plumbing 
needs quickly and effectively, you can rely on Ms Plumbing and Drain to deliver.

Plumbing Problem? We’re Ready to Help Any Time

Some of the many plumbing services we offer are listed below. Whether it’s plumbing for a remodel, tankless water heater, a water leak, a clogged toilet, sewer line inspection or a clogged drain, 
we take quality seriously. At Ms Plumbing and Drain, we provide installation and repair services and parts to give you the best value at the best price.

-24-Hour Emergency Service
-Water Heaters
-Tankless Water Heaters
-Kitchen Remodel Plumbing
-Garbage Disposal Repair
-Clogged Sinks
-Water Filters
-Bathroom Remodel Plumbing
-Toilet Installation and Repair
-Bidet and Washlet Installation
-Water Leaks in Pipes Located & Repaired
-Clogged Drains Cleared
-Plumbing Parts
-Slab Leaks Located & Repaired
-Sewer Line Inspection
-Main Sewer Line Cleared
-Sewer lines repaired or Re-lined
-Re-piping and Pipe Systems
-Water Conservation Solutions


We’re always here for you days, nights and weekends. 
Call Ms plumbing at (831) 717-7329 when you need help. We pick up the phone when others don’t.


We talk with our clients directly and show up in person to diagnose and discuss your plumbing needs and the best solutions.


No surprises when the bill comes for your plumbing service. We provide honest and clear pricing and estimates of the costs for any project, large or small.

What Makes After Hour Plumbing and Drain Different?

What you will discover when you call for plumbing help is personalized service tailored to your specific water and plumbing situation. I don’t do patch jobs or give one-size-fits-all solutions. 
I’ll take the time needed to inspect your system, give an accurate diagnosis of the problem, and provide the options that provide you with the best solution at the best value and fit your 
budget. My success as a tradesman is based on keeping your best interests in mind.

Fast Turnarounds with High Quality, Reliable Plumbing

Every service call, whether day or night, is treated with priority. I work around your schedule to make our appointment at a convenient time for you. You can expect me to arrive promptly with tools, and materials in hand, ready to get to work and finish the job as efficiently as possible. However, fast work does not mean that the quality of your plumbing project is compromised. 
While I focus on completing the job quickly so you and your family can return to your normal schedule, I also make sure that every plumbing and drainage job is completed at the best level of 
quality.You will not experience a sloppy job or find me rushing off to the next service call. I value your and your family’s safety and comfort. I want to make sure that all of your questions 
are answered and that the plumbing service is complete before considering the job done.

How Can I Help You with Your Plumbing System?

From emergency plumbing to re-piping solutions, I live right here in our Arlington community to assist local homeowners and clients like you return their properties to normal. I’m licensed, bonded and insured as a plumber with years of industry experience and exceptional customer service skills. I fix your plumbing problems and make sure you receive responsive and friendly service during the entire process from call to completion.My daily and emergency plumbing services come without hidden charges, pushy up-sells or gimmicks. I’m not a pro 
salesman, but rather a  hard-working plumbing professional who is passionate about helping my neighbors with total indoor comfort regarding the water and sewage systems in their homes. You can count on receiving top-notch solutions without the hassle. My process is open and transparent ,so you will know exactly what to expect from your initial phone call to finding and securing the solution to any residential plumbing service you require.And you can count on me for these promises as well:
-We clean up the work area thoroughly when finished
-We treat my clients fairly and respectfully with a smile
-We provide quality products and honor the warranties.

Plumbing and Drainage Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my water heater?

You’ll know when it’s time to replace your water heater when you see one or more of these signs: 
1) water is pooling around the base of the heater 
2) you hear noises like banging or rumbling inside the heater 
3) your hot water appears rust-colored, or 
4) when you can’t remember the last time you replaced your water heater. 
Depending on the make, model and amount of usage, you can expect your water heater to give you good service for about 10 to 15 years. All Hour Plumbing and Drain specializes in water heater installation and maintenance.

Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners contain dangerous, highly toxic chemicals that are not advisable to keep in a house with children or pets, or to use in your home’s plumbing pipes, since the chemicals will cause the pipes to deteriorate and eventually fail. Ask Cedric to advise you on safer alternatives that use enzymes and friendly bacteria as a preventative measure to keep grease and sludge from building up in your plumbing system.

Why does the toilet keep running?

In most cases, toilets will keep running when the flapper is either not closing or not sealing properly around the flush valve. This causes water to continue leaking into the toilet and the tank does not fill completely with water to push the floater up and turn off the flow. If the flapper does not close from time to time, giving the flush handle a jiggle will often fix the issue. However, if the flapper is old and not sealing properly, it will need a replacement part.

What can I put in my garbage disposal?

You can safely put any soft foods like cooked vegetables or eggs into the garbage disposal, as long as you run water from the tap into the sink while running it. Garbage disposals, however, are not macerators, and if you put bones, egg shells, coffee grounds or other types of hard food into it, the blade will wear out and the food that cannot be broken down could jam the unit. Call After Hour Plumbing and Drain to unclog or repair your garbage disposal, or install a new one.

What is causing clogged drains in my kitchen sink and bathtub?

In many cases, clogged drains in kitchens occur when cooking grease, food and other items collect in the pipe and cause a blockage. Other drains, such as those in a bathroom sink and bathtub, clog from soap residues and hair. As a plumbing system ages, sometimes roots get in through cracks in the pipes and grow until the drain is impassable and backs up. To get your drains unclogged, snaked, or rooted out, call Cedric to diagnose and fix the problem. If your entire water line or sewer line system is old and causing you repeated problems, he is an expert at re-piping partial or entire plumbing systems with the copper, brass, PEX or ABS piping that will last for decades.

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Don’t let a plumbing emergency interrupt your normal routine. Your time is valuable. Call local Ms plumbing, to help you get water, sewage and drain problems under control so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. I am committed to your peace of mind living in a house that is secure, clean and safe.  Call now at (831) 717-7329 to discuss your plumbing service needs and to schedule an immediate appointment.

Tired of having your wallet DRAINED by your plumber?

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...the trip, quote and first 30 min of work are just $75!

  • $75 minimum which includes the first 30 minutes of time on job.
  • After that, we will give you a quote for all labor and parts. Fixed.
  • No hidden fees.

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